We are delighted that you are enquiring about getting married here at All Saints’. There are a number of legal requirements, including banns and fees, that we will need to discuss. This page may answer  some of the questions you might ask. Then, please contact Rev.

Andrew Doarks who will be pleased to talk to you.

Could I get married in All Saints?

To be married in All Saints, one of the couple need to either live in the parish or have a significant connection to the parish, e.g. parents still live here; were brought up in the parish or attend the church.

How much would it cost?

Fees for a wedding in All Saints' church awaiting update

Publication of banns (payable to PCC) £
Marriage service £441 (payable to PCC , payable to DBF £)
Organist £
heating £ (not normally required July - August)

Total fee all inclusive £ (including calling banns in All Saints)

Fees for calling banns in church for wedding in another church

Publication of banns (payable to the PCC of that church) £
(note: this is less than last year)
certificate (payable to the PCC of that church) £


A fee is payable to whoever is verger of £15.00, which comes out of the PCC fee.

The heating fee is only chargeable in the colder months, which are approx. October - June.

Travel is only chargeable from the family for trips to the crematorium.
Travel expenses to church/cemetery are claimed from the PCC.

Cheque or BACS payment are preferred to cash. Cheques payable to All Saints Church PCC.


PCC = Parochial Church Council, DBF = Diocesan Board of Finance

Our fees are some of the cheapest in this part of Suffolk.