June 2020  - buildings closed

7      1st Sunday Service 
14     2nd Sunday Service 
21     3rd Sunday Services
28     4th Sunday Service

July 2020 - perhaps - awaiting guidance and safety precautions
5       1st Sunday Service
10     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
12     2nd Sunday Service 
17     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
19     3rd Sunday Services
24     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
26     4th Sunday Service
31     9.30 am     Morning Prayer

August 2020 -  perhaps
2      1st Sunday Service
7       9.30 am     Morning Prayer
    2nd Sunday Service 
14     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
16     3rd Sunday Services
21     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
23     4th Sunday Service
28     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
30     4th Sunday Service

September 2020 - perhaps

4       9.30 am     Morning Prayer
5       8.00 am     Prayer Breakfast -
6      1st Sunday Service
11     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
12     8.00 am     Prayer Breakfast -
....    10 - 11.30 am Coffee Morning in the Church Hall
13     2nd Sunday Service 
18     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
19     8.00 am     Prayer Breakfast -
20     3rd Sunday Services
25     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
26     8.00 am     Prayer Breakfast -
27     4th Sunday Service

October 2020
3       8.00 am     Prayer Breakfast -
4      1st Sunday Service
9      9.30 am     Morning Prayer
10     2nd Sunday Service 
16     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
18     3rd Sunday Services
23     9.30 am     Morning Prayer
25     4th Sunday Service
30     9.30 am     Morning Prayer


 Other dates in 2020

PCC dates

Prayer Breakfasts -

United Services (Sundays 6.30 pm)Forums
Monday 7 October - AGM & Open Forum, 7 for 7.30pm St Catherine's, Long Melford
Sunday 20 October - United Service, 6.30pm, led by Eden’s
Sunday 1 December – United Service for Hospice, 3pm, in St Peter's

Kettle and Fish

Saturday 27th June, Shantymen Concert 7.00 start postponed until September 2021
Wednesday 15th July, Stained Glass Lecture: John Oxley FSA Former York City Archaeologist on Medieval Stained Glass: Cancelled
Sunday 19th July, Group 'Bring your own' picnic on Friars Meadow after morning services.
Saturday 17th October, Quiz Evening - waiting for numbers distancing indoors guidance.

Ladies Group Programme 2020
14th July, 2020 – 7.30 pm Talk by Mr Roger Green - waiting for numbers and distancing indoors guidance.
Entitled “The Vicar’s Daughter”
Followed by the AGM.

List of planned Activities associated with the "Save our windows" appeal
All activities suspended from the beginning of March.
11th Feb 2020  LAUNCH - “Divine Creations” Art At All Saints – call for creatives. Posters, Facebook post, local newspaper, radio advert
12th Feb 2020  Suffolk Record Office Visit:  Visit to the archive in Bury St Edmunds to view and research material.
17th March 2020 Hard Hat Tour  of the Church to view remedial works and the tasks that are undertaken by the conservators.
19th March 2020 Suffolk Record Office Visit:Visit to the archive in Bury St Edmunds to view and research material.
13th April 2020 Research Group meeting: Meet in the church hall to discuss progress on research
14th-17th April 2020  Excavation
20th May 2020  Hard Hat Tour of the Church to view remedial works and the tasks that are undertaken by the conservators.
21st May 2020  Hard Hat Tour
8th June 2020  DEADLINE – Artwork etc for “Divine Creations”  To be brought to the church
9th- 12th June 2020  INSTALLATION – “Divine Creations”: Installation of exhibition
Preview – Evening of 12th June 2020 – Refreshments following
10th June 2020 Research Group meeting: Discuss progress of research
13th June 2020  Exhibition Opening: Launch of “Divine Creations” for the general public
13th July 2020 Preparation for Illuminated All Saints: Start to collect material and OHPs for the evening event to be held in August.
15th July 2020 Stained Glass Lecture : John Oxley FSA Former York City Archaeologist - Lecture on Medieval Stained Glass
16th July 2020
Research Group meeting : Discuss progress and finalise material ready for HA to start writing publication.
July 2020  DEADLINE – Miniature Master Masons: School Project Deadline – Can store the pieces in Church Hall
10th – 14th August 2020 Exhibition Prep and Illuminated All Saints
Take down “Divine Creations”, Install Illuminated All Saints 11th, 12th August 2020 evening event, 13th August take down IAS, 14th Research Group meeting to discuss exhibition

Sept 2020
Exhibition Installation
Heritage Open Days

Miniature Master Masons/ Restoration Project and History of Church
Church open for visitors and following activities available:
·0 Exhibition in the church – “Miniature Master Masons” and History of All Saints (Restoration project)
·1 Stained glass window workshop – demonstration of working with glass
·2 Tower climbing