A baptism is usually part of one of the regular Sunday services. Anyone of any age may be baptised. this page will explain the more usual queries, then contact Rev Andrew Doarks, who will be happy to help..

Can we have our baby Christened at All Saints?

If you would like to have your baby baptised (that's what we call the Christening service) in All Saints, one of you would either need to live in the parish or have a meaningful connection to the church, for example. perhaps you used to live in the parish and worshipped here; maybe you have been baptised or married in this church or something similar, a family connection.

We are not usually church goers, will you still baptise our child?

Before the baptism, I would need you to come to a service at least once.

Does it have to be on a Sunday?

A baptism is part of one of the regular Sunday services. As well as all the members of your family and friends that you have invited specially, all our congregation like to be there to welcome the new member of the Church.

How much do you charge?

There is no fee for baptism at all. It is a free gift.