Topics for Prayer

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  • for the Church Wardens, for all members of the PCC as they meet for the first time this new season on 1st May especially for the two new members.
  • for the Holy Spirit to guide all future plans for the work in the parish.
  • for the development of the church building and hall to serve the needs of the parish and the town.
  • for Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike as they work with their team to balance the needs and the resources, spiritual and financial in Suffolk
  • for the work of the Deanery Synod
  • for our mission partners and their family
  • for the work of Future Vision and sufficient funds for their work
  • for those we know who are ill and for those who take care of them - especially those who have asked for our prayers
  • for all those recently bereaved and those who still mourn the loss of loved ones long after their passing.
  • for the people of Syria, the situation surrounding them and those from there in refugee camps with no homes to return to.
  • for those fleeing on overcrowded and unseaworthy boats, making long journeys overland and the international respose to their plight.

    If you would like anyone to be included in this prayer section please contact Simon


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Rev'd. Simon Gill Telephone: Sudbury 375334

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